Coaches for our 2014-15 season: Kasey Wilnes, Becky Mantonya, Doug Wilnes and assistants David Crosby, Madeline Gaer, Andrew Kroeger, Alex Kuszak, Kristin Strecker, Amanda Wekesser.

Come join us! Try our TWO-WEEK FREE TRIAL starting Monday, August 18-29. Just come to Southeast High-School Pool at 6:00 PM. You can also try a TWO-WEEK FREE TRIAL at Devaney Sports Center anytime after September 1 at 7:00 PM. Park in any of the metered spaces for visitors just outside of the Hendricks Training Complex entrance. To get to the swimming pool, (1) enter the main doors to the Hendricks Training Complex, (2) turn left and go into the hallway on the south end of the pool, and (3) enter the doors from that hallway that take you into the stands area of the pool.
From June 2 through August 8, we will practice at Woods Pool at 33rd and J Streets; please e-mail swimNA@live.com to start a free trial during the summer.

For more information about NA, contact Angie at 402-416-7665 or swimNA@live.com with any questions.

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